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At Exscalate we master biological complexity combining our knowledge of pharmacology, artificial intelligence (AI) and supercomputing to design better drugs faster.

Latest News and Updates

Working in partnership with pioneering biopharma start-ups and through collaborations with ambitious European projects, Exscalate’s AI-driven supercomputing platform is accelerating drug discovery with some very promising outcomes.
Finding a cure for dry eye disease
26th July 2022
In partnership with Harvard Medical School spin-off, Aramis Biosciences, Exscalate was used to rapidly identify a lead compound for the previous unmet need of an effective treatment for Dry Eye Disease. The project progressed from zero to Phase II investigational new drug approval in just 14 months.
Identifying new innovative treatments for fibrosis and cancer
21st September 2022
In 2022 Dompé farmaceutici announced a strategic collaboration with and investment in Engitix as part of Engitix s $54m series A financing.
Drug repurposing approach to fight Covid-19
26th July 2022
Exscalate4CoV, a public-private consortium of European partners, leveraged the power of Exscalate’s supercomputing AI-driven platform in the fight against COVID-19. In just four months a low molecular weight negative allosteric modulator, Raloxifene, was identified and successfully entered Phase III clinical trials.