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Scientific Partnerships lie at the very core of Exscalate

The journey of drug discovery is challenging. Embarking on it alone is an improbability for many. At Exscalate we support our partners on this journey. Together we can increase the likelihood of novel molecules for the most challenging targets making it through to the clinical stages.

Partnering with open innovation

More than just a technology platform, Exscalate promotes technology partnership through the use of technology.
In the race towards cures for complex diseases, open innovation is the only effective approach to winning the race. Whether it is academic institutions, government organizations, research networks, start-ups, biotech spin-offs or established industry players we want to collaborate with our partners to accelerate drug discovery programs.
Success through partnerships

Partnerships have been forged across the world

At Exscalate we collaborate with partners to boost preclinical and clinical candidate selection as well as support de novo drug design and drug repurposing strategies.
Many successes have already been reaped through partnerships. For instance, in 2020, a consortium coordinated by Dompé farmaceutici and composed of 18 institutions from seven European countries - Exscalate4CoV - joined forces to identify Raloxifene, a promising drug for COVID-19 patients. This low molecular weight negative allosteric modulator was identified using Exscalate’s platform in just four months.

Taking a co-development approach

Our mission at Exscalate is to support our partners by accelerating drug discovery. In some cases this partnership involves taking a co-development approach with promising biotech companies and start-ups.
As an example, in 2021, in co-development with University College London spin-off, Engitix, Exscalate helped identify selective molecules for targets in fibrosis and solid cancerous tumors, some of which have already reached lead selection stage.

Partnerships that drive results

Exscalate is more than a technology platform, it’s people we collaborate with. By supporting partners with our expertise of drug development, including the mapping of allosteric sites, together with the power of the platform we can drive results. These results are evident from our pipeline of projects, which are either co-developed with a biopharma company or start-up, wholly owned or are a collaboration with an academic institution or research network.

Meet Our Partners

Why is the collaboration with Exscalate important for drug discovery?

Discover more in the interview with Torsten Schwede, Vice President for Research - University of Basel.

How did the collaboration with Exscalate come about?

Discover more in the interview with Giulio Vistoli, Full Professor in Medicinal Chemistry at University of Milan.

What challenges are you facing through the collaboration with Exscalate?

Discover more in the interview with Gianluca Palermo, Full Professor at Politecnico di Milano.

What benefits is AI bringing in the computational field related to generating predictive models?

Discover more in the interview with Pieter Stouten, Computational Technologies in Pharma.

Research & insights

Through our various research collaborations and partnerships, we have gathered in-depth knowledge of not only drug development but the technology that drives our platform, such as AI, big data and high performance computing. Learn more about our insights, opinions and research.
Finding a cure for dry eye disease
27th July 2022
In partnership with Harvard Medical School spin-off, Aramis Biosciences, Exscalate was used to rapidly identify a lead compound for the previous unmet need of an effective treatment for Dry Eye Disease. The project progressed from zero to Phase II investigational new drug approval in just 14 months.
Supercomputers at the service of drug discovery: this is how Exscalate was born
29th October 2021
Now the drug discovery can count on a new digital ally, EXSCALATE, an acronym for EXaSCale smArt pLatform Against paThogEns. It is one of the most powerful intelligent supercomputing platforms globally, capable of analyzing over 3 million molecules per second and exploiting a chemical library of over 500 billion compounds of pharmacological interest.
Exscalate4Cov is now a book on High-Performance Computing for COVID Drug Discovery
24th October 2023
Springer's recently published Exscalate4CoV: High-Performance Computing for COVID Drug Discovery opens a window on what can be, and has been done with these new tools right in the middle of the worst pandemic living humans have seen.