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At Exscalate we harness the capabilities of supercomputing and cutting-edge technology to deliver a truly transformational drug discovery platform. These capabilities are unlocking value for our partners.

New cures, faster

With traditional drug discovery processes being slow, inefficient and costly, our AI-driven virtual screening platform brings speed and precision.
With our partners, including biopharma companies, university spin-outs and researchers, our platform quickly tests hypotheses and boosts the identification of drug candidates for a range of complex biological targets. Multiple projects, including de novo drug design and drug repurposing strategies, have already progressed through to late-stage clinical trials.

Drug Project
Drug Repurposing
In Silico
Small Molecule
Finding a cure for dry eye disease
27th July 2022
In partnership with Harvard Medical School spin-off, Aramis Biosciences, Exscalate was used to rapidly identify a lead compound for the previous unmet need of an effective treatment for Dry Eye Disease. The project progressed from zero to Phase II investigational new drug approval in just 14 months.
Supercomputers at the service of drug discovery: this is how Exscalate was born
29th October 2021
Now the drug discovery can count on a new digital ally, EXSCALATE, an acronym for EXaSCale smArt pLatform Against paThogEns. It is one of the most powerful intelligent supercomputing platforms globally, capable of analyzing over 3 million molecules per second and exploiting a chemical library of over 500 billion compounds of pharmacological interest.
Exscalate4Cov is now a book on High-Performance Computing for COVID Drug Discovery
24th October 2023
Springer's recently published Exscalate4CoV: High-Performance Computing for COVID Drug Discovery opens a window on what can be, and has been done with these new tools right in the middle of the worst pandemic living humans have seen.
Identifying new innovative treatments for fibrosis and cancer
24th October 2023
In 2022 Dompé farmaceutici announced a strategic collaboration with and investment in Engitix as part of Engitix s $54m series A financing.

Our Success Stories

Read how we have already partnered with innovative biotech start-ups - such as Aramis Bioscience (a Harvard University spin-off) and Engitix (a University College London spin-off) - to accelerate their drug discovery journey with some very promising results.