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The success of Exscalate

Exscalate is growing. As we grow, our success grows. But it’s not just our success. We share our success with our partners who we collaborate with on various projects. Whether it’s drug discovery projects that are identifying new molecules to address unmet medical needs or technology projects that are advancing future drug discovery platforms with cutting edge technologies, Exscalate is focused on successful outcomes. And ultimately our success will benefit patients who, after all, is the reason why we do it.

Drug discovery projects

Whether collaborating with pioneering biopharma start-ups or working as part of a consortium of partners, Exscalate’s AI-driven supercomputing platform is helping to rapidly identify effective treatments to address unmet clinical needs.

Technology projects

Exscalate is boosting its drug discovery platform through our involvement in a number of European technology projects. Together with partners, these projects are harnessing the unprecedented power of supercomputing resources together with advances in machine learning and simulation to equip the scientific community with the tools that will enable them to find better cures, faster.

Tech Project
Drug Project
Discover the story of Akash, from Assam to Naples
18th September 2023
The journey of Akash Deep Biswas, from studying in India to working at Dompé's Exscalate laboratory in Naples
Turning collaborative simulations into therapeutic solutions
27th July 2023
Nobel Prize Arieh Warshel among authors of MEDIATE’s results published in Expert Opinion on Drug Discovery
Machine Learning: Binding Affinity prediction and Ligand Pose Selection
26th July 2022
Binding affinity estimation between protein and ligand is an essential part of the drug discovery process. Different approaches have been developed to build functions (empirical, forcefield based, knowledge based and, more recently, machine learning based) to evaluate the binding affinity between the receptor and the possible poses of the ligand generated by the docking algorithms.
HPC and Quantum Computing: Small Molecular Unfolding in Protein Pocket
8th March 2021
Molecular Docking is an important step in the drug discovery process that aims at calculating the location and preferred position and shape of one molecule to a second when they are bound to each other.
Deep-tech project LIGATE
12th September 2020
European project LIGATE is harnessing the revolutionary power of exascale computing together with advances in AI, big data analytics and simulation software to boost Exscalate’s drug discovery platform in identifying effective drugs to tackle unmet medical needs.
Drug repurposing approach to fight Covid-19
1st April 2020
Exscalate4CoV, a public-private consortium of European partners, leveraged the power of Exscalate’s supercomputing AI-driven platform in the fight against COVID-19. In just four months a low molecular weight negative allosteric modulator, Raloxifene, was identified and successfully entered Phase III clinical trials.
Rapidly discovering new compounds for Zika virus
10th April 2019
As part of an ambitious European project, Exscalate’s supercomputing platform was leveraged to support the scientific community in successfully identifying active compounds against Zika virus in a very limited timescale.
Exscalate4Cov is now a book on High-Performance Computing for COVID Drug Discovery
22nd May 2023
Springer's recently published Exscalate4CoV: High-Performance Computing for COVID Drug Discovery opens a window on what can be, and has been done with these new tools right in the middle of the worst pandemic living humans have seen.
Dompé’s Exscalate platform rapidly accelerated the timeline from target identification to IND for our lead compound A197, a novel immunomodulatory agent. In just 14 months, we received FDA acceptance of our IND application for a new molecular entity (NME) and are now enrolling subjects in a robust Phase 2 clinical trial.
Reza Dana, MD, MPH, MSc - Scientific Co-Founder of Aramis Biosciences and faculty member at Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Harvard Medical School, Boston.


We have formed many successful partnerships. Together we are accelerating drug discovery.