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Solutions pushing the frontiers of science

Exscalate is at the very forefront of using advanced technology to enhance drug discovery. Supercomputing, AI, big data and machine learning all offer huge potential in this process. Together with partners in the Pharma industry we can together push the frontiers of science, pioneering new cures to complex diseases.

Unlocking value through drug discovery

At Exscalate we know how challenging drug discovery is. It’s why we developed our technology platform in the first place. Using its advanced capabilities we’ve already built up a promising pipeline focusing on complex targets across multiple therapeutic areas. With so many diseases in the world and comparatively so few cures, there is much discovery yet to do.
In collaboration with partners, we use our platform to unlock value through research and developing pipelines.

Who is Exscalate for

Start-up biotech

The journey from target identification to pre-clinical phase is challenging, and often beyond the scope of a start-up. These highly driven, innovative companies are looking for a partner with the expertise and computational power to accelerate the drug discovery journey with them. Through a risk sharing approach, we support their research and co-develop promising biological targets for indications with high unmet needs.

Pharma companies

Pharma companies may have specific needs or challenges that they require support with. It may be support in drug repurposing, either starting from the target or from a specific drug. Or support for new treatments identification. Or using the Exscalate platform to accelerate their pipeline development. Whatever the challenge, Exscalate’s computational power will offer a competitive advantage in their quest to develop drugs for ’undruggable’ targets.

Research Institutions

For Academic Institutions, Independent Researchers and Regional Institutions/Governments. In drug discovery we are always racing against the clock. Novel treatments need to be discovered quickly and cost effectively. Exscalate uses its advanced capabilities to help with this whether it’s being part of a consortium of partners in rapidly developing candidate drugs for sudden health threats (such as Exscalate4Cov for Covid-19 or Antarex4Zika for the Zika virus) or supporting academic institutions and researchers in developing their research programs into new or existing drugs.

Our Success Stories

Read how we have already partnered with innovative biotech start-ups - such as Aramis Bioscience (a Harvard University spin-off) and Engitix (a University College London spin-off) - to accelerate their drug discovery journey with some very promising results.