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Driving research at Exscalate

At Exscalate we constantly push ourselves. To pioneer breakthrough science we have to be at the cutting edge of research. This knowledge and expertise feeds into our drug discovery platform. With our partners we then harness this platform to boost the discovery of better cures for unmet medical needs.

Insights into the world of drug discovery

Exscalate straddles the worlds of supercomputing, AI, big data analytics, simulation and life sciences. Advances in these technology advances the capabilities of what can be achieved in life sciences.
At Exscalate we harness these capabilities to deliver a truly transformational drug discovery platform. Our insights articles reveal how these capabilities are unlocking value for our partners.

Exscalate contributes to publications and journals

Based on the research we undertake at Exscalate, we have co-authored a number of articles published in a range of scientific and computer science journals and publications. These cover topics from high performance computing and virtual screening through to small molecules and drug discovery.

We have formed many successful partnerships. Together we are accelerating drug discovery.